Sunday, April 15, 2007

Birthday party Checklists

Birthday Party Checklist

One to two months before the birthday party:

Set the date of the birthday party
Decide on the location and make reservations, if necessary
Create guest list (determine size of the party)
Set the party theme
Decide on the type of party (sleep-over, luau, etc.)
Plan your activities
Plan your menu
Select your party supplies

Two to three weeks before the birthday party:

Send your invitations (include directions)
Order cake
Order flowers or balloon bouquets (if applicable)
Purchase the party favors and game prizes
Finalize your menu

One week before the birthday party:

Order or gather together the chairs, tables, dishes, utensils, etc…
Make a final guest count. Make phone calls if necessary at this point.
Plan for additional adult chaperones, if necessary
Place orders for food if needed
Confirm reservations (if applicable)
Buy film for camera
Confirm your gathering place is adequately prepared
Buy and wrap your gift for the birthday celebrity

The day before the party:

Gift wrap any party favors, game prizes
Review the games/activities
Begin decorating
Pick up the cake
Purchase beverages/ice
Prepare loot bags/treat sacks for guests
Set up tables, chairs, buffet table, etc..

The Big Day of the Birthday

Prepare loot bags/treat sacks for guests
Finish any last decorations
Set out party supplies (cups, napkins, etc.)
Keep a piece of paper nearby to write down the gifts received
Keep a trashbag nearby the opening of the gifts to reduce wrapping paper mess
Pick up balloons today
Set up the food on the buffet table
Have a plan on how you will run the party
You and the birthday celebrity greet guests at the door with a smile :-)Have fun as you have done everything to prepare a perfect party for the birthday celebrity!


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