Thursday, May 01, 2008

Star Birthday Today - Birthday Greeting Cards

Its May 2, and Star Birthday Today has chosen David Beckham as the Birthday Boy. He does not need much introduction. Apart from being one of the world's most popular soccer player, he is also a major fashion icon of the world. In 2007, Forbes listed him number 15 on their list of “most influential celebrities”. Movies titled after his name is proof enough of his popularity – Bend it Like Beckham. He seems to be the media's darling, considering he is in the news almost everyday. Either for his tattoo, or marriage, or his wife, or his career moves, or his hairstyle - he remains in the news perennially. Presently, he plays for “Major League Soccer's Los Angeles Galaxy”.He had also been part of clubs like Real Madrid and Manchester United, in the past.

His marriage with Victoria Posh(Spice Girl fame) also was a major topic of speculation for the media. The allegations of his affair with Rebecca Loos (personal assistant) had the wide world indulge in much gossip. Anyway, he seems to be happily married to Victoria Beckham with their three sons – Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz.

Heres wishing a Very Happy Birthday to David Beckham with these Birthday Card. Send this birthday card to his fansite and also wish your friends whose birthday it is today.

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