Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Star Birthday Today - Birthday Greetings

"I like to walk in the rain so that people will not see me crying.."
Charlie Chaplin
This sad quote came from the funniest man on earth, Charlie Chaplin. It's Chaplin's birthday today, he is our star for Star Birthday.

This famous quote came from a famous person,Charlie Chaplin. He needs no introduction. Its April 16, and Charlie Chaplin hogs the space in Celebrity birthday today. Needless to say, its Chaplin's birthday(16 April,1889 – 25 December,1977). We best know him as “The Tramp” , wearing his tight black coat, oversized trousers and shoes, a bamboo cane and a typical Charlie Chaplin mustache in the silent movies that were made in the early 1900s. Apart from being an actor, he also a directed, produced and scripted his own films. He is also known to compose music. His working life covers a time span of 65 years. Not to forget he won the Oscar and many other Awards along with that. He also achieved Knighthood.
Some Famous Chaplin Movies
The Tramp
City Lights
The Kid
Modern Times
Woman of Paris
Monsieur Verdoux
The Pilgrim
Shoulder Arms
The Circus
The Gold Rush
The Great Dictator

Charlie had been part of many controversies including his love affairs and his political moves. He is perhaps the most influential comedians till date. Most of the noted comic actors have sometime or the other been influenced or been inspired by him. Charlie Chaplin is Dead, Long Live Chaplin.

Wishing him A happy Birthday and also to all you people who share your birthday with Chaplin. Send this card to your friends whose birthday it is.

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  At 6:24 AM Blogger samira said:
This is cool I will use this for many of my friends on their birthdays and I will tell my friends to get cards here and to check it out and to go on it it is amazing and funny I love it and I am going to pick my favorite and give it to my friend since it is his b-day.